Sunday, April 12, 2009

Top Ten Things I Love

1) Spending time with my family, boyfriend, and friends.

2) Spending hours talking to my girls on the phone - me and K can make at least a three hour call!

3) Shoes!

4)Walking! My uncle would wet himself laughing if he saw that as one of my things I love to do, but i really do like it! YOu can just either not think about anything, or spend the whole time daydreaming!!

5) Having us time with the boy. Its not a common occurence what with me being in Greece, so when we have time for us, its the best thing.

6) English clothes shops and supermarkets - sorry Greece, you just don't compare, not with the like sof Primark and New Look.

7) Animals, my cat, well cats in general. I like to talk to the many greecian stray cats while passers by look at me as if I'm some deranged idiot.

8) Potatos - roast, mashed, jacket, sautee, chipped, it doesn't matter, I love them!

9) Baking - I'm actually quite good at this, despite my distrous attempts at proper cooking, baking I can do!

10) The Sunday Times Travel Magazine - I can't get enough of this magazine. If it came down to food or this, this monthly would win, hands down, every time!

10 - part two) I also love singing, going dancing with my girls, musicals, Cosmopolitan magazine, photographs, Audrey hepburn, Sex and the City,, Soho, the colour pink, Johnny Depp, Chuck and cosmpolitans!!!!

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