Friday, March 13, 2009

Enter Daniel Cleaver Stage Right

I think most women have a moment in their life when they think to themselves 'My God - I am actually Bridget Jones!' Well, I hold my hands up and say that I believe I am one of those women who once was in pole position for this title - so much so that one of my best friends, lets call her Married Lady, because, well she is, used to refer to me as Bridg!!

I managed to get a job working as a Sales Exec when I left university. I was very happy with this job, although felt I was always overlooked a little bit. I was the youngest in the office, and started of well in the office dress code department. However, over time, my skirts got shorted, and probably always erred on the side of not quite smart enough. Having said that, no one ever made an 'official' comment to me.

I had been working in said office for maybe two months, when the whispers of an Office Party started to be circulated. I was very excited, this wasn't just any Office Party - this was one that was to be held at a big posh hotel in London, with flowing wine and a three course meal. Still being the 'new girl', I was buzzing with excitement, a kind that no one else could understand, having got used to these kind of shindigs years ago.

While I had been concentrating on my new job, and all the people in the office, a certain someone, a male someone, had caught my attention, or maybe I had caught his attention, either way, attention had been caught. This was a pretty big thing, given the long legged blonde skinny ladies that floated around our floor. This certain male someone, was Suitor 2, who is also known as Daniel Cleaver by myself and my friends.

Sure enough, the office party went off with a bang, and what proceeded were months of flirtatious office emailing, moments in the kitchen or out in the smoking court, or the occasional lunchtime meeting, all of which was done in top secret, neither wanted to become office gossip. During these months I was to discover, that Suitor 2, was indeed a tip top sample of TOXIC MAN.

Ahhh the Toxic Man - one who will always make you think they are interested but keep their distance enough to always keep you guessing, they make you feel delicious, irresistible, totally gorgeous, and most importantly, they make you feel like total and utter crap as well. They love the chase but soon loose interest the minute they get what they want, but they like it even more if what they want is unavailable.

Even when said Suitor managed to get himself a girlfriend he was still keeping me dangling, just waiting, always saying just enough to make me think he still liked me. The good news is that, as I watched Suitor 2 flirt away with Aussie Chick, and all the other blondes in the office, I began to think I was better than all this. Yes, he was very handsome, but also kind of perverted, making lewd suggestions, and gradually I began to get a reality check on the whole situation. This was mainly thanks to Aussie Chick, we had a drunken meeting of minds in which we exchanged stories about the man in question, and made an un-said pact. Which I managed to stick to.

Of course, if there was a Daniel Cleaver hanging around, there should also be a Mark Darcy type also in sight...but that's a whole other story!

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